Battle Tent is a simplified Pokémon battle game where players can battle each other online. The game is still in early development and has a small server running for testing. Expect some intermittent issues while playing, and do let us know in the comment box below.

Game Tutorial

The game starts with each player choosing 3 Pokémon from the same 6 Pokémon pool.

Every Pokémon gets 2 attack moves each turn. Each move has damage, type, and energy needed to use the attack. The player can use the move to attack the opponent's Pokémon as long as they have enough energy. Each player gets 5 energy at the beginning, and it increases each turn.

The player who can beat all 3 opponent's Pokémon is the winner.

Type chart cheat sheet:


  • Featuring all 151 first generation Pokémon
  • Quick Online PvP
  • Quick Single-player
  • Kanto Region Gym Battles

Ongoing Development

  • Invite a friend to battle
  • Update the background for every gym battle
  • Indicator of how many players are online and in the online queue


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