This is the collection of the Arduboy games that I made during a couple of years.

You can play these games directly from your Arduboy by compiling the source code from the list below or buying the Arduboy FX that has 200 games in it, including these four awesome games 😉.

GitHub - madya121/DanceRow: An Audition Ayodance clone for Arduboy
GitHub - madya121/TNTANK: TNTank, An Arduboy Game To Show On How To Use ArduEngine
GitHub - madya121/prize-frenzy
GitHub - madya121/Santa-s-Factory

How to play?

  1. Pick the game that you want to play
  2. Click one of the Arduboy emulator buttons
  3. Use your arrow key [← ↑ → ↓] to navigate, and press [A] and [Z] on your keyboard for [A] and [B] buttons on the Arduboy emulator

Interested in building your own Arduboy games?

I created a simple scene management framework to create your own simple game.

Code to ArduEngine: GitHub - madya121/ArduEngine: Simple Arduboy Scene Management Framework

To learn more, you can check the code for TNTank.


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