After Thanos is defeated by the Avengers, the Infinity Stones have been spread out across the earth. Your job is to find out where are all the Stones!

How to play

Infinity Stone Hunter is a "Where is Waldo" type of game where your task is to find the Stones based on the hint given to you.

To find out where the Stone is, you need to be within the zoom range. When your zoom level is too far, you wouldn't be able to find the Stone, and the image of the Stone will become grayscale.

When you're within the zoom range and find the correct location, you'll find the missing Stone, and you need to click it to collect it!


You will be given 2 types of hints to help you to find the Stone.

Country name

You can see the country name of the Stone's location on the information card.

Full location name

If using the country name is still too hard for you, you can click the "Hint" button to show the full location of the Stone.

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